I’ve been a loyal client since 2015! FIT is the perfect compliment to a busy life, as they come to me and work around my schedule. With the help of their amazing trainers (especially Angela!), I’ve made great progress with my strength, balance, endurance, and body tone. So, if you’re seeking reliable, friendly, and dedicated personal training services, look no further!
P. Tyler Sommers

I am so glad I found FIT. This has been such a great experience. I was very worried at first that I would not be able to do this. It was years since I stepped foot in a gym or really committed to an exercise program. I feel so lucky to be working with Angela. She is helping me transform my body and mind. I have come such a long way. I look forward to every session. Thanks so much Angela you are the best!
Karen Basile

Working with Milan and his team of trainers has proven to be very rewarding. As a member of the property management team of a luxury building in the Boston area, we are truly grateful to have F.I.T working with our residents. I personally feel they offer a friendly and professional approach to personal training , and our residents are very happy and have seen proven results.
Jeremie Morrison

Specialized trainers who work with your schedule and individual needs. My husband and I have been training with Functional In Home Training for over two years. We’re loyal customers because the service is exceptional. They worked with us through my pregnancy and postpartum needs. Always reliable, always professional, and tailored to the specifics of your body. We’re the strongest we’ve ever been.
Clementine Tufts

If you’re searching for a personable, individualized, effective, reliable training experience, look no further. Milan and his team are dedicated to meeting the client where they’re at (literally!) to help them achieve their fitness goals, no matter what. They go above and beyond to customize a training plan that works for your schedule, lifestyle, and even your budget. I save a ton on gym membership fees, and I always feel supported/pushed to go the extra mile in my personalized workout – you can tell that they really care. Their commitment to my success reinforces my own – I’ve never felt stronger! Highly (highly!) recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall physical and mental health.
Marina Robinson

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